The Wasamac property is located approximately 15 km west-southwest of Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, within the central portion of the Abitibi gold mining district. Rouyn-Noranda is serviced by daily flights to Montreal. The Property is accessed from Provincial Highway 117 that links Rouyn-Noranda and the community of Arntfield. A secondary road (Rang des Cavaliers) leads directly to the property from Provincial Highway 117.

The Sugar Zone Property is located 30 km northeast of the town of White River in northern Ontario. White River is located on Trans-Canada Highway 17 approximately midway between Thunder Bay, 315 km west, and Sault Ste. Marie, 260 km southeast. The Operation is approximately 715 km northwest of Toronto and 68 km east of the Hemlo Gold Camp, Ontario.
The Sugar Zone Deposit is located in UTM Zone 16UNAD83 at 646,140 m E, 5,406,900 m N or 48° 47' 53" North latitude and 85° 00' 36" West longitude. The overall Property encompasses NTS Zones 42C/ 10, 11, 14 and 15 and covers portions of Odium, Strickland, Gourlay, Tedder, Abraham Bayfield, Cooper, Johns, Nameigos, Mosambik and Hambleton Townships and falls within the Sault Ste.

Kekura gold deposit, located approximately 120 km south of the town of Bilibino in the Chukotka Autonomous Area, Russian Federation.

Both deposits are located in Nikolaevsky district of Khabarovsk Territory on the left bank of the Amur River. The regional city centre of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur is 45 km from Blagodatnoye and 50 km from Belaya Gora. The deposits are located 39 kilometres apart and are connected by a municipal road. The location of the assets is shown in the figure below. The Mnogovershinnoe mine is located about 70 km from Belaya Gora and 100 km from Blagodatnoye.

Belaya Gora is an active mine. The mining operations were slowed down in early 2017 and stockpiled ore was processed whilst studies were undertaken to improve operating efficiency. Blagodatnoye is located near Belaya Gora though has a different geological environment. The strategy is to mine the remaining reserves at Belaya Gora first, which are expected to be completed by 2024, then move the mining activity to Blagodatnoye which is expected to operate for a further 8 years. The main infrastructure for ore processing and tailing storage will be located at Belaya Gora, though a crusher will be installed at Blagodatnoye as the ore is much harder than the Belaya Gora ore and requires additional comminution. Ore from Blagodatnoye will be transported by on-highway trucks along a road which will comprise partly an existing municipal road and partly a new road which will be built.

The deposit is located in Chile's Atacama Region, approximately 120 kilometres east of Copiapo. The property is strategically located in the prolific Maricunga gold belt, which hosts a number of important gold deposits, including the Maricunga gold mine (Kinross), the La Coipa mine (Kinross), the Cerro Casale deposit (Kinross/Barrick), and the Lobo-Marte deposit (Kinross).

The Volcan Gold Property within is located the OdAE Gold Project (Ojo de Agua Este Sector).

I have not found a description of this deposit.

Crespo project located in southern Peru, approximately 145 kilometres southwest of Cuzco and 587 kilometres southeast of Lima.

The project is one of a number of properties acquired by the Hochschild Mining in 2008 as part of the Liam JV/Southwestern Resources land package.

The Project is located on the western slopes of, and on the continental divide of the Cordillera Occidental (Western Cordillera) of the Peruvian Andes. The area is well above tree line in the Altiplano which is an undulating high altitude plain of gentle to moderate slopes with elevations ranging from a high 5,371 m on Cerro Crespo.

The San Jose silver-gold mine is located in Argentina, in the Santa Cruz province, 1,750 kilometres south-southwest of Buenos Aires. The property covers a total area of 50,491 hectares and consists of 46 contiguous mining concessions totalling 40,499 hectares and an exploration permit covering almost 10,000 hectares. The San Jose property is located approximately 20 kilometres north of Goldcorp’s Cerro Negro project.