Gold Resource Corp, Arista deposit, Mexico.

Underground photo of narrow, low-sulfidation quartz vein

Alta Gracia ore specimen

Drill core from Alta Gracia showing banded white to dark-gray quartz, open-space druzy quartz coatings, sulfides of pyrite, silver sulfosalts and arsenopyrite.

Alta Gracia Specimen

Gold Resource Corp, Arista deposit, Mexico.

Colloform banded and crustiform quartz and banded sulfides of the Arista deposit from Mine Level 5 - note red banded mineralization in center (and throughout) is coarse ruby silver bordering banded quartz; view 0.5m wide

Arista ore specimen

Endeavour Silver Corp.

El Cubo silver project ore specimen.

San Francisco Vein, Stope 3-430, Showing Principal Banded Quartz-Amethyst Vein

Banded Quartz-Amethyst Vein

Endeavour Silver Corp.

Terronera silver project ore specimen.

Los Espinos vein photograph with FeO, MnO and sporadic oxidized pyrite


Canada, McKenzie gold project sample. Visible gold in quartz vein.

McKenzie sample

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