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The Arcata unit is located in the Department of Arequipa in southern Peru, approximately 300 kilometres from the city of Arequipa, on a 47,000 hectare site, at an altitude of 4,600 metres above sea level. Arcata is a 100% owned underground operation. The Company began developing and preparing the Arcata mine in 1961 and the first concentrate was poured in 1964.

The Arcata mine is conformed by vein systems where the epithermal vein deposits are of an intermediate sulphidation type with predominant silver values and variable quantities of gold and base metals. The main structures at Arcata are Mariana NE, Blanca, Amparo, Ramal Leslie, Alexia and Marion.  The known structures at Arcata extend over 29 kilometres.  The veins are mined by conventional and mechanised (trackless) cut-and-fill breast or overhand stoping methods utilising timber support. The plant at Arcata currently produces silver/gold bulk concentrate by flotation.

Arcata map

Arcata map

Arcata resources and resrves

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