gold map4What is Gold MAP?

Gold MAP is a very simple monthly acquisition program available to individuals and businesses wishing to engage in the monthly buying and selling of Gold as a product, not as an investment. Gold MAP places the Buyer in the chain of distribution as the Wholesaler and/or end user. As with every other product on the market, the Wholesaler has the opportunity to buy at a discount if they meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and pay, at the time of order, the equivalent of their product’s production and shipping costs.


How does Gold MAP work?

  • Buyer purchases a minimum of five (5) ounces of Gold from SOS Gold and pays a deposit of $1000 per ounce.
  • Within 30 days SOS Gold delivers their order to the refinery. The Buyer pays the difference between their Deposit and 95% of the Retail Price (Spot Price) of gold that day. Their order is then transferred from the SOS Gold refinery account to the Buyer’s refinery account.
  • Buyer then sells to the refinery for 99% of the Retail Price (Spot Price) netting the difference between 99% and their 95% Wholesale Price. Or, they can keep the gold, exchange the gold at the refinery for coins or hallmark gold bars, or sell to jewelers, dentists, investors, etc. at Retail Price.


How much profit can I make?

You buy at 95% of Spot Price. You can sell for 99% if you are lazy, and over if you want to work at it.


Why don’t you sell your Gold for 99% instead of 95%?

We own an interest in 35 (and the number grows every month) small scale Gold mining concessions. Each costs a couple hundred thousand dollars to equip and produces only 3 to 6 kilograms per month. We can’t afford to buy equipment and finance the production costs associated with each, so we offer a small discount for you to pay your own production costs.


How can I get more information?

Call (817) 764-6602




There is inherent risk in ordering a product from overseas. A natural disaster could happen, war could break out, the Plague, who knows. We take every precaution known to the modern world to alleviate risk, but it still exists. If you are a worrier, bent on calling us every week to check on the status of your order, please find someone else to do business with. We are busy and do not have the time to baby sit you!



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